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Mortar shelling of positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation near Mariupol

November 24, 2014

Mortar shelling of Ukrainian troops in north-eastern direction from Mariupol

Mortar shelling of positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation near Mariupol

This morning Ukrainian troops located in north-eastern direction from Mariupol have experience mortar shelling 3 times. There are no losses.

Defense Headquarters of Mariupol report this.

‘The situation at Ukrainian-Russian border area is difficult and is characterized by systematic violations of ceasefire regime by fighters and shelling of positions of ATO forces, increasing of Russian military presence in eastern region and concentration of Armed Forces of Russian Federation’, – they inform.

They mention that this night in Mariupol and its surrounding has passed tense.

In addition, the Defense Headquarter reports about flies of Russian drones. The flights took place at midnight and at 05.00 am. Ukrainian servicemen opened fire with ZU-23.

They also inform about 3 cases of mortar shelling of positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in north-eastern direction from Mariupol. The shelling was carried out from the territories controlled by terrorists. None of Ukrainian soldiers was wounded. Fire emplacements of the enemy were suppressed by response firing.

They underline readiness of forces of anti-terrorist operation to repel attacks of the enemy.

Reconnaissance of Ukrainian Armed Forces reports about absence of movement of forces and equipment of the enemy around the perimeter of M sector and on territories potentially dangerous for Mariupol.

Previously we have reported that Ukrainian militants have repelled attack at checkpoint near Artemivsk after it has been shelled for 4 hours.


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