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More than 90 cases of shelling during the previous day

More than 90 cases of shelling during the previous day

On June 18 Russia-backed forces were most active in Maryinka, they conducted 10 shelling there.

According to press service of anti-terrorist operation, during the last day positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces were shelled more than 90 times.

Fighters used MRLS ‘Grad’, artillery, combat vehicles, small arms and grenade launchers.

Terrorists became noticeably more active after sunset. During the night time they shelled Ukrainian positions and residential areas 55 times.

They also sued howitzers of 152 mm caliber to fire at Shyrokine and Shyroka balka near Artemivsk. 120 mm mortars were used to fire at Chermalyk settlement near Mariupol.

Ukrainian positions in Pisky, Opytne, Krasnogorovka, Maryinka etc. were shelled using 82 mm mortars and small arms.

There were two attempts to break through defense of Ukrainian Armed Forces however, subversive groups of the enemy suffered losses and were forced to retreat.


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