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More than 20 Ukrainian military men die during ATO in east of Ukraine – Koval


More than 20 military men of the Armed Forces perished during carrying out of the antiterrorist operation in east of Ukraine.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, acting Defense Minister of Ukraine Mykhaylo Koval said this during press conference in the Cabinet of Ministers.

“There are losses in the Armed Forces. Losses include crews of our helicopters. Actually, 2 crews of helicopters perished, there are also losses among paratroopers. Unfortunately, we do have losses”, – he said.

Koval did not specify a number of perished military men, but answering question whether it is dozens or hundreds of perished people, he said: “God forbid! Slightly more than two dozen”.

As UNIAN reported earlier, antiterrorists operation has been continuing against terrorist gangs  and groups of separatists in east of Ukraine since April 15.

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