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More than 20 UA citizens detained in Russia

March 3, 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that more than 20 Ukrainian citizens are illegally detained in Moscow

More than 20 UA citizens detained in Russia

Spokesperson of Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Eugene Perebyinis informed this.

He doesn’t exclude that the number is larger.

Currently more than 20 Ukrainian citizens are detained in Russia. This country grossly violates all international norms and doesn’t inform about detention of Ukrainian citizens as it is supposed to do.

According to MFA spokesperson, very often officials find our about arrest of Ukrainian citizens in Russian from their friends or relatives. Russian side doesn’t always allow Ukrainian consul to speak to them.

As soon as MFA learns about detention of Ukrainian citizen, it sends notes of protest and requests for meeting. In many cases consul manages to meet Ukrainian citizen. However, many times Russian Federation doesn’t allow it.

For example, 72 years old Ukrainian citizen Yuriy Soloshenko was arrested in Russia on suspicion of espionage. Russian Federation didn’t allow council meet Mr. Soloshenko without any reasons.

Source:, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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