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On Monday MPs will discuss lifting of parliamentary immunity

December 1, 2014

Plans of Ukrainian MPs for December: new military doctrine, strategy of national security and abolitions of neutral status

On Monday MPs will discuss lifting of parliamentary immunity

Newly elected parliament member Yegor Sobolev, representative of political force ‘Self-Reliance’ has informed on his Facebook page about plans to discuss abolitions of parliamentary immunity.

On Monday members of Verkhovna Rada will hold a meeting where they will discuss law pn lifting of parliamentary immunity.

‘The aim of the meeting is to agree on details, what exactly should be said in the law on lifting of parliamentary immunity. So that we would submit the unified law that would sharply increase chances of its rapid adoption’, – the deputy mentioned.

According to Sobolev, the meeting is to be held in open format.


According to Ukrainian news agency TSN, the parliamentary coalition has made schedule of work of Verkhovna Rada. According to the schedule, adoption of new military doctrine and abolition of neutral status of Ukraine are to be done in December.

‘According to the plans, December will be busy. In the last month of 2014 the Verkhovna Rada wants to: adopt new national security strategy and military doctrine, abolish neutral status of Ukraine which would open path to NATO, triple the defense budget’, – TSN informs.

By April, it is planned to create anti-corruption security service, abolish majoritarian system, cut taxes and give more money to the regions.


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