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Mixed battalion tactical group has arrived to the town of Shchastya

November 6, 2014

Ukrainian artillerists destroyed 2 mortar calculations of the enemy

Mixed battalion tactical group has arrived to the town of Shchastya

Here is an operative data from experts of Information Resistance group.

According to the experts, a mixed battalion tactical group of Russian army has arrived to the settlement of Shchastya. The group includes 50 units of armored vehicles including tanks [reinforced tank company as part of BTG].

Terrorists shelled thermal power plant and its access roads near the settlement of Shchastya. If such shelling continues the supply of fuel for the thermal plant can become impossible.

Experts register transfer of small tactical group of Russian airborne troops to the north of Luhansk oblast [about a company in total – 89 people].

There is registered an intensification of subversive-reconnaissance groups of the enemy in the area of settlement of Volnovakha [Donetsk oblast]. One group has been destroyed by artillery fire of Ukrainian troops, 2 wounded fighters have been captured.

In Luhansk oblast 2 mortar calculation of the enemy have been destroyed after an artillery duel. Experts register extremely low level of professional skills of mortar men in this area.

There has also been registered counterbattery firing between Ukrainian artillery and artillery of fighters. The firing took place to the north from Mariupol. The enemy is trying to seize fire superiority in this region.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group, Dmytro [Dmitriy] Tymchuk.

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