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Ministry of Health Protection: more that 200 people died in the ATO zone

First deputy of Minister of Health Protection Ruslan Salyutin: Since the beginning of ATO approximately 220 people were killed in Donestk and Lugansk Oblast


June 11, 2014 – According to Salyutin the given number includes 15 killed women and 2 children: a boy and a girl. 14 year old boy is not identified yet. Salyutin mentioned that medical care is actually delivered in the battlefield.

The first deputy gave thanks to medical professionals and promised that their work would not be forgotten.

Salyutin also mentioned that Ministry of Health Protection haven’t got any information about the number of terrorists among killed people. ‘We can’t say who was fighter and who was civillian among them. It doesn’t matter for doctors who is who’, –  he said

ATO in Ukraine has been going on since April 15, 2014

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