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Military Council offers to create a professional army of 150 000 soldiers

October 2, 2014

A number of offers from Military Council to establish military security sector

Military Council offers to create a professional army of 150 000 soldiers

After the second meeting of the Military Council representatives of law enforment agencies, commanders of volunteer battalions, officers of special services have worked out a number of offers to establish sector of military security.

These offers concern creation of professional army and powerful reserve, transformation of volunteer battalion into special forces.

Coordinator of Military Council Dmytro Tymchuk reported this.

‘We understand that in its current state the power sector doesn’t correspond to the demands of this day’, – he said. ‘According to the logics of events we prepare our offers to counter act Russian aggression. It is difficult to compare military and economic potential of Ukraine and Russia, so that we must be ready to give asymmetric response. Under this notion we understand militarization of Ukraine – preparation of people to respond to military aggression’.

Tymchuk informed that Military Council offers to create sector of national security: professional army of 150 000 soldiers and powerful reserve of 500 000 soldiers. ‘Meanwhile territorial defense would be linked to territorial administrative units and would consist of two components – reserve for Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard’, – underlined the coordinator of Military Council of ‘People’s Front’ political party.

It is assumed that the National Guard will not only ensure order inside the country, but it will also ensure control of border territories.

Tymchuk believes that the current format of border defense doesn’t suit Ukraine. The new format – border service and the National Guard – is to ensure the protection of state border with Russia and Transnistria.

The coordinator of Military Council of ‘People’s Front’ underlined the necessity of compulsory military education of the population. It should consist of three phases: base – school, the second when people would receive practical training, and the third phase ‘is when you decide between the reserve of the National Guard or the Armed Forces of Ukraine’, – Tymchuk underlined.


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