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Militants retreat from Lysychansk. – Media

July 23, 2014

On Tuesday Ukrainian army approached Lysychansk (Lugansk region). There are battles around the town.

Militants retreat from Lysychansk. - Media

According to data from informants as of 00.18 am the settlements of Pryvillya and Novodruzheske are released.

‘Lysychansk is almost empty at the moment, – said the source in the Armed forces. – Chechen sabotage groups are working’.

According to local residents one of 3 bridges across Siverskiy Donetsk located close to the railway station is blown up. The other two bridges are are mined.

The fighters of Mozgoviy have left the town and moved to the town of Alchevsk where they have reinforced at the territory of metallurgical plant.

Mozgoviy himself is not to be seen.

RNBO map 21 07

Source: UNIAN.UA

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