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Milestones of the previous week by journalist Eugene Magda

January 26, 2015

Journalist: Donbas as mirror

Milestones of the previous week by journalist Eugene Magda

Eugene Magda – expert of Center of Public Relations, professor, journalist and political experts.

Here are the most important events of the previous week according to him.

Mr.Magda claims recently Donbas has become a mirror of not only Ukraine, which for several years has been dominated by politicians from that region, but also system of international relations as a whole.


Donetsk airport and Ukrainian army

According to Mr.Magda, events around Donetsk airport and terrorist attempt to attack along the whole line of contact show the appearance of Ukrainian army capable of defending its territory.

Regular units and volunteer regiments rebuff the aggressor.

A year ago Ukraine did not have Armed Force which would be able to perform their constitutional functions. In addition, Ukrainian militants suffered severe defeat at Ilovaisk in August 2014 [Ukrainian Forces were encircled, about 100 servicemen were killed].

Today some hotheads are ready to send Ukrainian Armed Forces in attack at self-proclaimed republic in the East. However, this decision seems short-sighted taking in account the current situation.

The triumph and tragedy of Donetsk airport give us reason to be proud of those who have been keeping defense in adverse conditions for 8 months.

Today fights for the airport continue. According to advisor to the President Yuriy Biriukov, currently the new terminal of the airport hasn’t got any vertical walls to defend and the place is not controlled by any side of the conflict.


A test of strength for Ukrainian authorities

Development of situation in Donbas becomes a test of strength for Ukrainian authorities.

New wave of mobilization designed to increase the strength of Armed Forces and number of measures to enhance vigilance and preparation for transitions of economy to war rails seem to be easy in words. Ukraine does not have experience in counteraction to aggressor who is trying to dominate the whole 43-million country.

The journalist underlines that country that for 23 years has been proud of its peaceful development has got plenty of problems. It is not surprising that the Kremlin propaganda is trying undermining the situation inside Ukrainian community.

Fire attacks of terrorists are almost immediately followed by bursts of information was in social networks. Sometimes attempts to sow panic and disbelief among society are successful.


According to Mr.Magda, Russia has demonstrated that is relies on forcing Ukraine to comply with its conditions of regulations of conflict which obviously include fixing of expansion of self-proclaimed republics. In addition, the Kremlin wants to force Kyiv start constitutional reforms on its own recipe.

And the last lesson according to Eugene Magda. Although the problem of Donbas doesn’t have military solution, the defeat of Ukraine will not contribute to its solution. Our country is on the forefront in struggle against imperialism and experiences all ‘charms’ of hybrid war.

However, according to the journalist, precisely in these conditions there happens formation of the nation and collapse of the myth about the country in the heart of Europe which constantly misses the chance for better life.

Source:, journalist Eugene Magda

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