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Milestones of the week. ATO, Nadia and grimaces of the West. – Eugeniy Magda

July 14, 2014

EU and USA are imitating active opposition to Russia in the international arena.

Ukrainian security forces continue to press at militants in Donbas despite the active involvement of Russia into the internal affairs of the country.

Officer Nadya Savchenko turned up on Russian territory and now the whole country is watching her destiny.

Milestones of the week. ATO, Nadia and grimaces of the West. - Eugeniy Magda 

Undeclared war in the Donbas continues to collect its terrible harvest.

Ukrainian militants were attacked at Zelenopillya and suffered heavy losses. It is possible that the attack was carried out from the Russian territory or at least with the technical support from this country. In spite of numerous promises from Moscow columns of armoured vehicles enter Ukrainian territory, manpower is being transferred. Despite this Ukrainian soldiers managed to unblock Lugansk airport and come up close to the city centre.

The President have replaced the head of ATO centre of SSU and relies upon the appointment of officers who have shown themselves in the battles against separatists as heads of local administrations.

1 Milestones of the week. ATO, Nadia and grimaces of the West. - Eugeniy Magda

The fate of one of the participants of ATO – officer Nadia Savchenko – is in the focus of the whole country. Professional militant, she got captured by LND fighters acting in ‘Idar’ battalion. Video of her interrogation was uploaded in the Internet and the behaviour of the officer became and example of serving to one’s motherland.

In the previous week Nadia was found in the prison of the city of Voronezh, and Russian government assured that she had got to the territory of the country as a refugee.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation accuses her involvement of the murder of Russian journalists and Ukrainian diplomats are not able to communicate with civil of our country. Savchenko is not the only prisoner of Putin’s regime. The director Oleg Sentsov found himself in the same situation, he was captured in Crimea and accused of involvement in the ‘Right Sector’.

Magda: Putin has gone beyond limits in his impunity

It is significant that EU and USA don’t hurry to react to such aggressive actions of Russia concerning Ukraine. In Brussels they chose to put pressure on Kiev to hold trilateral consultation on the implementation of the Association of Agreement between Ukraine and EU. In Washington they wouldn’t go beyond general phrases to support Ukraine.

Sanctions of EU that were imposed against 11 activists of DNR and LNR seem to be a parody because of obvious to any unbiased observer dependence of separatists on Moscow.

The week that has started is perhaps the last opportunity before autumn for the West not to imitate sanctions against Putin who has gone beyond limits in his impunity, but to try to put him into his place.

Eugeniy Magda

Source: UNIAN.UA



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