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Mikheil Saakashvili: The main culprit of the tragedy sits in the Kremlin

July 18, 2014

Former President of Georgia on the issue of the Malaysian plane crash and Putin.

Mikheil Saakashvili: The main culprit of the tragedy sits in the Kremlin


According to Saakashvili the main culprit of the Malaysina plane tragedy sits in the Kremlin.

He has written about this issue on his Facebook page.

The day before yesterday European Council again failed to agree on the serious, that is – sectoral sanctions. Yesterday plane with human beings fell from the sky. But this tragedy has not fallen out of the blue, it was being prepared for a long time.

In the eyes of Europe, the Russian armored vehicles and air defense weapons crossed the border of sovereign Ukraine, the largest European country in the territory, while Europe preferred to look the other way shamelessly.

A couple of months ago, during my critical speech at the forum in Brussels, Minister of Foreign Affairs of one large European countries, which representative is,by the way supposed to be the Supreme European Comissar, aggressively objected to me: ‘So, you offer us a bomb Russia?’ to which I answered: ‘No, wait until they bomb you’. Of course, many in the audience thought my reply non diplomatic.

And now Russian anti-missile system transmitted to terrorists, without a doubt, on the orders of Putin really hit on a plane with hundreds Europeans on board.

Putin immediately rushed to blame Ukraine that it was not supposed to resist and then there wouldn’t be any necessity to shoot. It is cynical. But Putin knows for whom he says it. When in the city of Gori, which was intensively bombed with Russian Cassette shells a Dutch journalist was killed, his European colleague condemning Russia, also said that the guilt of the death of the journalist also lied on Georgia, which had caused the bombing because of its resistance to Russia. Of course the main culprit of all this mayhem sits in the Kremlin, but without allies in Berlin, Brussels, Rome, etc. it is unlikely that the Kremlin vampire would dare to go on daily bloody hunt.


Source: Facebook Mikheil Saakashvili

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