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Meeting of the trilateral contact group might be held the next week

December 15, 2014

Trilateral contact group might meet the next week

Meeting of the trilateral contact group might be held the next week

Trilateral contact group which includes representatives from Ukraine, Russia and self-proclaimed terrorist republics might have another meeting the next week. However, the date of meeting has to been decided on yet.

Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Valeriy Chaly informed this.

According to him, the ceasefire regime is the key issue that has to be solved now. First of all the silence regime is necessary, then – concrete plans that would allow further progress.

‘As soon as this agreement is reached, I believe, trilateral meeting might be held. Meanwhile we believe that that trilateral group has got many issues that need discussion today. That is why I think this might be the question of the next week. This [meeting] needs to be done the next week. Today there is no decision concerning the specific date’, – Valeriy Chaly said.

He added that soon there ‘might be additional international negotiations, including with Russian president so that Russian would be more active in this process. And, apparently, possibility of meeting of trilateral contact group will depend on this decision’.

As we previously informed, meeting of trilateral contact group in Minsk was scheduled for December 9. The group was to discuss regulation of situation in Donbas. Later it became known that the meeting would not be held. On December 11 head of Information and Analysis Center of National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko said that the date of the next round of negotiations on regulation of situation in Eastern Ukraine is unknown.



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