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Media: Many policemen from Slovyansk can expect life imprisonment

July 9, 2014

In liberated Slovyansk the governing bodies of police units are to be renewed. An internal investigation for each officer will be conducted

Media: Many policemen from Slovyansk can expect life imprisonment

Deputy of Minister of International affairs Sergiy Yaroviy declared: the investigations would find out whether officers helped separatists or remained faithful to the oath to Ukraine.

This is informed by ‘Segodnya’ newspaper.

Minister of MIA Arsen Avakov added that policemen from all parts of Ukraine are ready to perform their duties in Slovyansk.

The fate of the policemen who wouldn’t pass the inspection is still unknown. But we remind that in April the Parliament of Ukraine approved the aggravation of responsibility for treason, espionage, encroachment upon the territorial integrity of the country and for separatist action that result in deaths.

Now one can get life sentence for such actions and the minimal term of imprisonment for passing to the side of the enemy and treason is 12 years.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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