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Media: Businessman from Artemivsk whose family had been shot by terrorists started partisan war

Militants in Donbas terrorize local residents, causing resistance and hatred in return


June 26, 2014

Militants in Donbas terrorize local residents, causing resistance and hatred in return

Galnet informs: This was said during a press conference by commander of special battalion “Shahtarsk”, a former entrepreneur Ruslan Onyshchenko.

“Now separatists come to homes of civilians and take men. Those who do not want to fight are forced to dig trenches, build checkpoints or made a living shield in front of Ukrainian army, “- Onishchenko said.

He also said that the exact number of victims, both military and civilian, can not be counted.

“Earlier there was a monument to a soldier in Saur-Grave in Donetsk region. Now the only remaining part of the monument is its feet, and the area around it is filled with corpses that are not allowed pick up”- he says.

He also said that the terrorists pay attention to entrepreneurs, requiring them to cooperate in the illegal business.

“We were forced to take part in the construction of block-posts and those who refused were called “Banderivets”and “The right sector”. My convoy was attacked tand fired at from grenade launchers and machine guns, cars were burned and workers were killed. Even my favorite dogs were killed, there were 28. Now I have neither business nor home” – he said.

He also spoke about the sole proprietor of Artemivsk who spent several years in the business.

“When the separatists came to his house, he began to fight against them. When the gunmen realized that he was not so easy to take, they came at armoured personal carrier and fired at businessman’s home with a gun. Entrepreneur managed to escape through a tunnel, but his wife and child were killed. Today is the fifth day, as he leads partisan war with them: periodically appears and kills terrorists in small groups of two or three people. He left a note, which says that he wouldn’t stop until he kills 100 separatists”- Onishchenko said.

He said terrorists treat people very cruelly. Very often they don’t let doctors treat the wounded and those who can’t be taken to the hospital and killed there.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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