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Massive desertion of terrorists from advanced positions due to cold weather

November 27, 2014

Russian commandment initiates investigation of massive theft of ‘aid’

Russian commandment initiates investigation of massive theft of ‘aid’

Here is an operative data from experts of “information resistance’ group about current situation in the conflict zone.

Massive desertion due to cold weather

Experts register mass cases of desertion and unauthorized retreat of military units of terrorists from their advanced positions with the arrival of cold weather. In particular, armed groups acting in the area of Donetsk, Horlivka, Telmanovo, Novoazovsk show the most massive character of desertion [marked on the map below]. Leaders of DNR [self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic] take measures threatening fighters with severe punishment.

Massive desertion due to cold weather

There continues transferring of artillery of the enemy to north of Luhansk oblast. Experts have registered arrival of two divisions of cannon artillery (24 units). According to preliminary data, one of divisions will be transferred to Alchevsk, another to Stanytsa Luhanska.

Investigation of theft of Russian ‘aid’

Representatives of Russian commandment have initiated an investigation of the massive theft of material and technical resources that has arrived under the guise of Russian ‘aid’. In particular, the number of investigations has been launched after several tons of diesel fuel has been sold from the supply point in Snizhne to private persons. Such facts of theft are registered in almost all supply bases and point on the occupied territory of Donbas. Russian commandment demands leaders of DNR and LNR [self-proclaimed terrorist republics] to take urgent measures to prevent mass theft.

Previously we have reported that OSCE Russian-terrorist troops engaged in hostilities in Donetsk airport have received the replenishment.


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