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Massive collection of scrap metal in LNR

October 14, 2014

Situation near Mariupol: intensification of aerial reconnaissance and searching of missing Russian reconnaissance group

Massive collection of scrap metal in LNR

Operative data from ‘Information Resistance’ group.

In the area near the town of Novoazovsk pro-Russian fighters carry out unprecedented search operation. They are searching for mission reconnaissance group. According to data from ‘Information Resistance’ group, even Russian citizens participate in this search operation, they move on vehicles with OSCE designation. Information channels of Ukrainian military agencies have no information about destruction of such reconnaissance and sabotage group. Circumstances of disappearance of this group as well as reasons of it being so precious for Russian commandment are currently unknown.

Intensification of aerial reconnaissance near the town of Mariupol has been registered. Recently drones fly mostly in pairs.

Terrorists and Russian mercenaries continue active aerial surveillance in the ATO zone

In the area of Perevalsk and Alchevsk [Luhansk oblast] experts register increasing confrontation between local terrorist groups and Donski Cossacks. Several armed clashes of terrorist groups of LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic] and ‘people’s rebels’ of A.Mozgoviy have been registered.

Massive collection of scrap metal in LNR

In areas controlled by LNR a massive centralized collection of scrap metal has been organized. They collect remnants of broken weapons and equipment that cannot be restored. Special for this purpose there were formed commands of local residents. These commands work in areas of especially fierce battles. Meanwhile Russian soldiers are trying to evacuate their broken military equipment to Russian Federation. This results in conflicts between search groups and Russian servicemen.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group

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