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Mario Mauro: Ukraine has all prerequisites to join EU quickly


Kyiv, April 22, 2014 – Senator of Italy, Mario Mauro, has explained his vision of the situation in Ukraine and position of European Union about this issue at a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Mario Mauro expressed confidence in the notion that freedom is not received without a price. “There is always a certain price which has to be paid. And this price is not only the price of human lives, I mean people who died at Maydan, but it is also responsibilities that our generation has to take towards next generations,” he said. In his opinion, everything that is happening in Ukraine today will help Europe to understand deeper how exactly it was born.

Speaker states that European politicians now come to Ukraine with intention to help Ukrainian nation to improve dialog with Russia. He stresses that he has a lot of communication with European political makers and, while different reaction occurs, majority of them have strategic intention to help Ukraine.

In politicians’ opinion, Ukraine now has to do everything that’s possible to gain more democracy and freedoms. “Europe and Russia today look like opposite sides – each country defends its truth. But in fact new motivation has to be created which will move all of us forward. Dialogue with Russia is also possible. Russia is not going anywhere,” says Mario Mauro. On top of this, he stresses, is that Italian government position coincides with all European Union countries’ position – Russia infringes the rules of international laws. “There can be no openness in our relationship with Russia until it recognizes that it has broken international law,” politician stresses. He assured that both EU and the US are ready to do everything possible to make Russia recognize breaking these rules and only after these actions relationship might change from today’s situation.
According to the speaker, Europe has to be consistent in its battle for Ukraine otherwise Russia might easily “swallow” it. “I think that in theory Ukraine has all essentials to join EU easily and quickly,” he said.

Mario assured everyone that position of Italian people is the same – Ukrainians fight for their freedom and there are no neo-fascists movements in the country. Besides that, Italians feel special affinity to Ukrainians because they had familiar situation in Italy recently.
Mario Mauro, Senator of Italy, Former Defense Minister of Italy, an Italian Professor of History, recently MEP.

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