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Maidan Hundreds commanders: Maidan Self-defense is ready to protect Kyiv residents from provocations on 8-9 May


Kyiv, 7 May 2014 – Anna Kovalenko, commander of the 39th hundred (‘sotnia’) and Sergiy Podvalny, commander of the 11th and 24th sotnias at a press-briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center provided information on security measures exercised to preserve order in Kyiv and in the region during the holiday time.

According to the sotnias commanders Maidan Self-defense is monitoring the situation and is closely cooperating with the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Security and Defense Council to ensure public order. “Self-defense helps law enforcement agencies to ensure preventive measures. Checkpoints are set up on the roads, cars are being checked. We are ready for 9 May and are doing everything to prevent provocations and tragic incidents,” he said.

In order not to create pre-conditions for provocations Maidan sotnias commanders called on Kyiv residents to avoid crowded gatherings, not to attend mass events organizers of which are unknown, to be cautious, attentive and inform accordingly if suspicious objects are discovered.
“If you find yourself in a crowd stay calm and calm people beside you not to allow for panic. While in the crowd one should not go against the flow or lean on walls. Immovable objects should be avoided,” added Anna Kovalenko.

Commanders of sotnias mentioned that Self-defense centres are established in the city’s district administrations and could be addressed in case of need. According to the Self-defense representatives reinforced security measures in Kyiv will be maintained as long as separatist movements will be observed in the South-East of Ukraine.

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