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Lutsenko: Putin blackmails Ukraine with gas and Donbas

At a meeting with world leaders in Normandy, President Vladimir Putin unofficially agreed to resolve the problem in the East of Ukraine, but now he demands to accept the one-sided gas contract in 2009.

June 23, 2014 –

Lutsenko: Putin blackmails Ukraine with gas and Donbas

Former Minister of Internal Affairs and freelance advisor of the President Yuriy Lutsenko declared on air of ‘Events of the week’.

‘Let Ukraine admit the 2009 gas contract and then we leave Donbas’ – this is what is unofficially proclaimed by representatives of Russian Federation

Lutsenko: ‘We can’t yield to such blackmail’.

According to Lutsenko, regular military training, which Russia has been holding at our borders, is another element of the gas blackmail.

“But in fact we should be aware that there is still the threat of military intervention in Ukraine. “Hurrah-patriotic” rhetorics is worthless when it comes to a direct military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. That’s why politicians try to avoid the worst scenario. And it so Poroshenko offers a peace plan primarily to Putin: ‘remove your militants and terrorists”- Lutsenko said.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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