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“Lustration Committee of Maidan”: Separatists should be held criminally liable, or they will be lynched by people


Kyiv , April 23, 2014 – Civil activists – representatives of Civil Initiatives “Lustration Committee of Maidan” and “Automaidan Kyiv” during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre reported on the activities planned to stop the separatists and politicians who are acting against the integrity of the Ukrainian state. “Politicians who are deliberately doing everything possible to separate the country should be held politically and criminally liable regardless of the party flag colours” – emphasised civil activist Natalia Didyk.

“We appeal to Parliament and Acting Interim Prosecutor General to take specific actions against separatists: bring to a vote in Parliament a draft law № 4748 from 18.04.2014, which allows criminal prosecution for separatism, including the People’s Deputies of Ukraine and other officials. Otherwise the criminals will be subjected to lynching. On April 24 at 12:00 we will fill a petition at the General Prosecutor’s Office on those politicians who are actively working on separating Ukraine”, – stressed the activist Dmytro Carp.

“We also appeal to MPs to adopt the law № 4570 “On a lustration in Ukraine”, so that only cleaning the power by legal means of lustration will effect a change of power in a humane way” – added activist Kateryna Kyvita.

Civil activists urge citizens to report facts of any action aimed at separating the country at hotline numbers: +38 063 246 50 50, +38 093 717 61 15, +38 067 790 19 19 and on the “Lustration Committee of Maidan” Facebook page.

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