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Luhansk airport is completely destroyed

September 2, 2014

Separatist have shelled military doctors

Ukrainian militants have retreated from Luhansk airport, it is completely destroyed.

Ukrainian militants have retreated from Luhansk airport, it is completely destroyed.

This was reported by acting Head of Luhansk Oblast State Administration Iryna Veryhina on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Luhansk airport is completely destroyed

‘The airport is completely destroyed. Our militants have retreated, but dummy deck is destroyed and there’s no possibility to land a plane’.

Earlier LND [Luhansk People’s Republic] informed about taking control over Luhansk airport.

Previously Advisor to Minister of Internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak informed that Ukrainian paratroopers had to leave Luhansk airport because Russian army acted using method of ‘burned land’ and carried out point missile strikes.

National Security and Defense Council also informed about retreat of Ukrainian armed forces from Luhansk airport. The press centre of anti-terrorist operation informed that the assault at Luhansk airport had been carried out by strengthened tank brigade of the armed forces of Russian Federation. Meanwhile in Russia they say that there are no their troops at Ukrainian territory.

Separatists have shelled military doctors. – the ATO press centre

The press centre of anti-terrorists operation reports about continuing fights in Donbas. Ear the settlement of Lenine terrorists shelled military doctors of Ukrainian armed forces from an ambush. It is also reported about activity of regular troops of Russian Federation and illegal gangs in area of 3 settlement in Donbas – Komsomolske, Vasylivka, Rozdolne.

They state in the press centre that during the last the the ATO forces have destroyed one ‘Grad’ volley fire system, 2 charging cars and 50 separatists.

The positions of Ukrainian infantry were shelled with ‘Smerch’ volley fire system near settlement of Peremoha. Checkpoint of Ukrainian armed forces located near another 3 settlements (Statytsy Luhanska, Vesela Hora and Tonenke) were also shelled.


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