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Defense Minister Poltorak: 150 people killed in Donbas since February 15

Defense Minister Poltorak: 150 people killed in Donbas since February 15

Since February 15 about 100 Ukrainian servicemen and 50 civilians were killed in Donbas.

This was reported by Ukraine’s Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak during Ukraine-NATO Inter-Parliamentary Council.

The minister mentioned that hostilities in Maryinka demonstrate that fighters and their Russian commanders don’t intend to follow Minsk agreements. Agreements are under threat of disruption again. In addition, fighters prevent OSCE mission to do its job and don’t withdraw military equipment.

In comparison to April intensity of firing more than doubled. Since the moment of ceasefire announcement it was violated 4 000 times including 120 cases of shelling of civilians settlements.

As a result of shelling 100 Ukrainian servicemen and about 50 civilians were killed.

In addition, Russian Federation concentrates its armed forces along state border with Ukraine. At any time these military units can be used to reinforce terrorist troops in Donbas.

Total number of Russian servicemen located along the border is 55 000 people. They are armed with 3 700 units of military equipment and weapons.


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