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Ukrainian startup Looksery becomes part of Snapchat for huge sum of $ 150 million

Some three years ago, in 2012, the inventors of the mobile message app Snapchat declined $3 billion offer from Mark Zuckerberg.

In 2015, Snapchat helped the team from Ukraine to make this huge exit in Ukrainian startups history.

It has become known that Looksery has become a part of Snapchat.

CEO of the Ukrainian company Victor Shaburov and employees of the company gave no comments so far.

Ukrainian startup Looksery becomes part of Snapchat for huge sum of $ 150 million

According to rumors, the amount of the transaction is about $ 150 million. AIN reports this with reference to media and Snapchat’s blog.

Looksery is no longer available as the single program in the App Store. Now Looksery filters and lenses are available in Snapchat.

When making selfie, tap on the screen to use the filters you’ve already met on Looksery.

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Ukrainian app makes your selfies unexpected

looksery selfie filters
looksery selfie filters Looksery in action

Looksery is program for mobile that enables to edit your own face in real-time to look beautiful at the photos. The application can also edit your face even during a video chat. When you use the application you can either lose weight or get some fat instead, change color of your eyes, get new shape of your skull or apply some animation on your face like scary effect or the rainbow colors.

Here is a video to give you’re a quick heads up in case you haven’t tried the application yet.

The project mostly earned on licensing of its technology.

The program went successful as well. Its iOS-version was downloaded by 3 million users.

After last year’s campaign on Kickstarter, popular media such as TechCrunch and Forbes spoke about this startup from Ukraine.

Due to Western clients, the team quickly went to profitability, generating a turnover of $ 1 million per month.


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