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Local resident of Donbas don’t want to fight against Ukraine. – Motorola

February 24, 2015

DNR commander ‘Motorola’ complains on lack of volunteer fighters among local resident of Donbas

Local resident of Donbas don’t want to fight against Ukraine

Screenshot of Motorola’s appeal

Commander of fighters of illegal armed group ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ Russian citizen Andrey Pavlov – call sign Motorola – complains that local residents of Donbas don’t want to fight against Ukraine. According to him, servicemen of ‘Berkut’ which supported the previous Ukrainian government during revolution in Kyiv have gone to Russian Federation and get new jobs there.

Video record of Motorola making such statements was published on the internet.

‘If every resident of Donbas which is now on territory of Russia, Belarus or Poland would take weapon in his hands and came here then Givi [another commander of DNR] would get less accusations that some Russian terrorists fight on our side’, – he said.

Motorola explained that people who come to Donbas protect Russian idea and choice of people.

‘When I was going there I left my family there, I came there one year ago. And now people whom I’ve come to protect actually sit in my home, get some money’, – the terrorist complained.

In addition, the terrorist from Russian Federation complained on servicemen Ukrainian of Special Forces ‘Berkut’. According to him, after beginning of war they fled to Russian Federation to get work there.

Terrorist leader Motorola also mentioned that many of rich residents of Donbas fled to Crimea and took their capitals with them.

‘I’ve been to Crimea. Most of the vehicles, especially such as Bentley, Maserati have number plates of ‘Donetsk People’s Republic, Donetsk numbers’, – Motorola said.

According to him, these people took their money to Crimea and live good life there.


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