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LNR terrorists demand Russian currency on the occupied territories

October 14, 2014

Kremlin is reluctant to introduce its currency on the occupied territories of Donbas

LNR terrorists demand Russian currency on the occupied territories

Operative data from ‘Information Resistance’ group.

Representatives of leadership of LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic] express claims to Russian government due to its reluctance to actively introduce Russian ruble instead of Ukrainian hryvnia in circulation in the occupied territories of Donbas.

Earlier, leader of LNR repeatedly appeal to the Kremlin with demands to solve this issue. However, they received the rejection of the Central Ban of Russian Federation.

According to leaders of LNR, the reason is that Central Bank is afraid to receive further western sanctions in Bank sphere for introducing their currency at the occupied territory.

Meanwhile, some of citizens who live on territories controlled by terrorists receive their salary in rubles. However, they have to go to Russia to be able to spend them.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group

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