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LNR fighters withdrew only broken weapons

March 3, 2015

Fighters of Luhansk People’s republic withdrew only broken military equipment

LNR fighters withdrew only broken weapons

Coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmitriy Tymchuk informed this on his Facebook.

According to him, the previously registered withdrawal of military equipment carried out by LNR fighters appeared to be fraudulent actions.

Terrorists withdrew only broken military equipment deep into the controlled territory to repair it. The remaining functioning military equipment was withdrawn at small distance and carefully hidden.

For example, 2 joint units of Russian-terrorist forces (tactical company group and reinforced tank battalion) with Russian soldiers were withdrawn from Debaltseve to south of Luhansk oblast. There groups suffered significant losses during battles for Debaltsevo bridgehead (tank battalion lost no less than 8 tanks). The military units are withdrawn at night. This activity is being presented as withdrawal of military equipment according to Minsk agreements.

Meanwhile terrorists from Luhansk People’s Republic declared full withdrawal of military equipment.

Source: coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group, MP Dmitriy Tymchuk

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