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Lieutenant of DNR: Crimea residents understod that Russian is not a big brother but a big juicer

December 26, 2014

One of terrorist commanders told about changes in minds of Donbas and Crimea residents in course of war

Lieutenant of DNR: Crimea residents understod that Russian is not a big brother but a big juicer

One of terrorist fighters, Lieutenant Anatoliy Molchanov, gave an intervied to journalist Andriy Borodulin. The terrorist told interesting things about the armed conflict and change in minds of Donbas and Crimea residents.

‘Simply, due to the war, people here have understood that either Poroshenko or Putin, it makes no difference. They are equal for them now. Just like in Crimea, by the way, mane people [in Donbas] have understood this. Previously they thought that Russia is a big brother, and now they have made sure that Russia is a big juicer’, – says Molchanov.

He is Bielorussian citizen who took part in hostilities from the very beginning. He is a professional militant. In Crimea he took part in blocking of Ukrainian military bases. In April he arrived to Ukrainian Slovyansk and commnded of intelligence company there.

He says that now Donbas residents will blame everyone – fighters, people on TV, Ukrainianns, Poroshenko, Putin, everyone.

In addition, Bielorussian servicemen gives his opinion concerning military situation in he occupied Donbas. He says that in DNR [self-proclamed Donetsk People’s Republic] commanders are appointed by principle of friendship.

Battles for Donetsk airport the servicemen calls ‘useless’. How can someone take the airport under control without seizing Pesky and Avdiivka [the settlements adjacent to the airport controlled by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to Molchanov, Donbas has transformed into a gigantic black market of weapon, and this weapon then ‘pops up’ in Kyiv as well as in Rostov or Krasnodar regions of Russia. He sais that most part of ‘rebels’ are locals. However, weapons and military equipment they use have come from Russia: ‘It is obvious that they did not make this all in Donetsk’.

The fighter believes that Ukrainian army is capable of seizing Donetsk city, but it is unwilling to loose people.


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