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Lawyers begin to study Savchenko’s criminal case

Lawyers begin to study Savchenko’s criminal case

Lawyers of Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko have began to study her criminal case.

Lawyer Mykola Polozov informed this in twitter.

‘I have signed protocol in termination of investigation in the case of Nadia Savchenko’. The next stage is studying the case.

On May 28 Russian Investigation Committee announced termination of investigation in criminal case against Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko.

In Russia she is accused of involvement in murder of Russian journalists in the East of Ukraine and illegal border crossing. Savchenko rejects all accusations.


Nadia Savchenko has been on hunger strike for more than 80 days until on March 5 she had to terminate it due to very fragile health state.

Still, Savchenko re-started her hungers strike on March 16.

On April 28 she was relocated from jail to city hospital. However, in two days Ukrainian pilot returned to Moscow jail.

On May 6 Moscow Basmanny court prolonged Savchenko’s arrest to June 30.

Source: Radio Svoboda

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