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Lack of terrorist volunteers in Lugansk, panic among militants

July 7, 2014

Militants panic more and more because of the presence Ukrainian military on the outskirts of the regional center

Lack of terrorist volunteers in Lugansk, panic among militants

Militants in Luhansk disguise in the form of Ukrainian military and fire at residential areas of cities. Moreover, they are experiencing a shortage of volunteers and mercenaries, they even steal mannequins from shops, dress them in camouflage and fix at checkpoints. This is stated in the news of TSN.


Terrorists are trying to convince people that inhabited quarters are being fired by Ukrainian army. In her turn, head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Iryna Verihina convinced that all this is maneuvering of fighters. Currently, they quarrel among themselves and use military tricks. “Yesterday the were fighting with each other. Militants of LNR dressed themselves in the camouflage of Ukrainian army and shelled houses,” – she said.


It should be noted that there are 11 destroyed houses, no gas, water and electricity in Luhansk. Explosions can be heard almost in every part of the city. At the same time representatives of the social networks of terrorist organizations ‘LNR’ say that they are waiting for attack in the next few hours. Their optimistic-fighting mood changed to panic. This was said in the MIA. According to the operative data the leader of LNR terrorists is state of hard drinking.


“Today, our troops are on the outskirts of Luhansk. There are no further perspectives for terrorists in Luhansk. According to current information, Bolotov is drinking vodka, knowing that he is waiting for either to die during the ATO, or to be captured. It is impossible to compare the morality of fighters several weeks ago and now’, – said Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Heraschenko.


At the same time, the National Security Council recognized that it is too early to celebrate victory because Lugansk region and today is still under control of terrorists.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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