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Kyiv decides to seek the status of ‘special partner #1’ of NATO.

September 3, 2014

Ukraine hopes to receive the status of key alley of NATO. – Yatseniuk

Kyiv decides to seek the status of 'special partner #1' of NATO.

This was declared by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk.

‘Before the very summit of NATO I would like to point out that our goal is obtaining of special status between Ukraine and NATO’, – said the Prime Minister when opening the governmental meeting on Wednesday.

‘What concerns NATO, the best decision would be a decision of membership of Ukraine in NATO’, – Yatseniyk said. He mentioned that this decision would be very difficult to accept in NATO.

On September 4-5 there will be a summit of NATO dedicated to events in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Yatseniuk also said that Ukraine has launched project ‘The Wall’. ‘We begin ‘The wall’ project. This is building of real state border between Ukraine and Russia’.

But the Prime Minister didn’t mention what precisely is to be done due to this project.

On June 13 head of Donetsk oblast state Administration Ihor Kolomoiskiy proposed to head of state Petro Poroshenko to build fortified wall along border with Russia. The project presupposes the installation of metal fence with high-strength steel with barbed wire during 5-6 months.

On June 25 Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine approved the construction of protective structures along border with Russia.

It should be mentioned that significant part of Ukrainian-Russian border in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts is being controlled by separatists. In 22 of 30 checkpoints procedures of registration are not being carried out.


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