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Kremlin’s plan of occupation of Ukraine

February 25, 2015

When planning war in Ukraine the Kremlin intended to start it with Crimea and Kharkiv

Kremlin's plan of occupation of Ukraine

Russian newspaper ‘Novaya Gazeta’ published Kremlin’s scenario about events in Ukraine.

The published document describes events in Ukraine step by step with explanations. It also includes political and PR logistics of Russian interference in Ukrainian affairs, annexation of Crimea and occupation of eastern regions.

Kharkiv and Crimea as main goals

When planning war in Ukraine, they wanted to start division of Ukraine from Crimea and Kharkiv oblast but not from Donetsk oblast. They planned to use close business and political relations of the local business elite led by Rinat Akhmetov [the richest person in Ukraine].

‘Russia must intervene into geopolitical intrigue of European community which is led against territorial integrity of Ukraine’, – the document says. The first reason for this is perspective of losing Ukrainian energy market and indirect control of gas transit system of the state.

Kremlin's plan of occupation of Ukraine

Russian Federation was supposed to intervene using mass actions of disobedience to Kyiv authorities demanding Federalization of Ukraine and that eastern regions of Ukraine join Customs Union.

Reasons of interference and occupation

The reason for this interference is that regime of Yanykovich went bankrupt. Further political, diplomatic, finance and informational support of the regime by Russian Federation made no sense.

The document says that Russia has to achieve signing of agreements about border and cross-border cooperation and then establish direct state and contract relationships with Ukrainian territories where there are pro-Russian electoral sympathies.

It was supposed that such regions would proclaim sovereignty and join Russia. Crimea and Kharkiv oblast were defined as dominant regions to put efforts into because they already had quite strong groups supporting integration with Russian Federation.

Demonstrators were supposed to protest under Russian flags and without insisting on changing the constitutional order.

Three steps in occupation of Ukraine

The document gives three slogans which were supposed to follow one another as the situation develops.

The first slogan is demand of federalization as guarantee for the mentioned regions that pro-western and nationalist forces wouldn’t interfere in their affairs.

The second slogan demands that the mentioned regions join the Customs Union at the regional level independently of Kyiv. This was supposed to provide conditions for normal work and industrial development.

The third slogan is demand of direct sovereignty with further joining Russia as the only guarantor of stable economic development and social stability.

It is mentioned that the document was presented to Putin in period between February 4 – 12, 2014, before president Yanukovich fled Ukraine.


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