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Kramatorsk and Donetsk suffer shelling

Terrorists shelled settlements of Kramatorsk and Donetsk, there are victims.

shelling of Kramatorsk

Shelling of Kramatorsk took 16 civilian lives

Yesterday, on February 10, 2015 the town of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine was shelled with multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Smerch’.

shelling of Kramatorsk

16 civilians were killed by shells and explosion, 63 people got injured (29 servicemen and 35 civilians). 41 buildings were damaged by shelling.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited the shelled town at night to examine the damages and visit injured people in hospitals.

shelling of Kramatorsk
shelling of Kramatorsk

According to the report of OSCE, the shelling of the town was carried out from southeast.

Based on live observation, photos and analysis of maps, the special monitoring mission came to conclusion that the shelling was carried out from southeast.

The shells were launched by multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Smerch’ [whirlwind].

It should be mentioned that Ukraine does not have this type of weapon in its military arsenal.

Kramatorsk and Donetsk suffer shelling

According to testimonials of local residents of eastern Ukraine, MRLS ‘Smerch’ were observed among arsenals of terrorist forces several days before the tragedy took place. If Ukraine doesn’t dispose of such weapons, terrorists could only obtain it from Russian Federation.

Shelling of Donetsk of February 11

This morning terrorists shelled the bus station ‘Center’.

According to preliminary data, at least 4 people died, 5 were wounded.

According to information from local residents published in social networks, the shelling has taken place at 06.20 am this morning. The shells hit the two buses which were immediately on fire. The exact number of victims is being specified.

shelling of bus station in Donetsk
shelling of bus station in Donetsk
shelling of bus station in Donetsk


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