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Kolomoiskiy proposed to install reinforcement barrier at Ukrainian-Russian frontier

Head of Dnipropetrovsk State Administration Igor Kolomoiskiy initiates settlement of reinforcement barrier on his own cost. The fence is supposed to protect Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lugansk regions from Russia.

Kolomoiskiy proposed to install reinforcement barrier at Ukrainian-Russian frontier


June 13, 2014 – Dnipropetrovsk State Administration sent engineering project and technical-economic grounding to President Administration for approval.

According to head of SA: ‘Peaceful Finland was saved from Stalin by ‘Mannerheim Line’. Ukraine should build the same line in order to protect itself from Putin. The wall at the border of Israel helps to repell terrorist attacks’.

The project of reinforcement barrier presupposes installment of solid metal fence with high-strengh steel and razor wire during 5-6 months. In order to exclude access of civilians and animals approaches to the fence should be barriered with ditches and razor wire from Ukrainian and Russian side. Widths and depths of the fence should provide its inaccessibility by armors and vehicles.

Space between ditches would be protected from casual access of civilians and should be equipped with signaling and anti-personnel mines. Electric current can be passed through the fence.

The fence will be covered by operating shifting groups of Ukrainian troops, border guards and National Guard. With the presence of such fundamental installations forces will be able to cut off terrorists from Russian bases and stop the influx of mercenaries, weapons and ammunition through the Ukrainian-Russian border.

The cost of installation of such reinforcement fence along 1920 km-s of state border will be approximately 50 million Euros. General cost of engineer work – 100 million Euros. It is assumed that all works would be done by Ukrainian enterprises.

With financial support from the state and the consent of the President Charitable Foundation ‘Dnipro-1’ is ready to sponsor a considerable part of engineer work. Foundation expressed its readiness to perform the entire scope of work in construction of reinforcement fence along the state border in the three regions. It was mentioned that the approval of the Supreme commander is necessary.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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    It’s hard to say because no decisions concerning this project have been made yet

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