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KillHouse – serious training for those who go to war

KillHouse – serious training for those who go to war

In course of this year many Ukrainian soldiers got serious wounds, damaged their health significantly.

Still, even if they cannot participate in hostilities directly, there are many other things they can do to help.

The experience they have is huge, they have seen the war from inside and can help many people to learn how to control their nerves and stay focused to save lives.

The servicemen you see on this video participate in trainings at the KillHouse. Due to their experience they can help servicemen and medics learn how to handle difficult situations. These people know how exactly servicemen behave when they are badly wounded and shocked (this includes uncontrolled movements, lots of cursing and even trying to escape from the one who is helping you).

KillHouse – serious training for those who go to war

Due to such behavior such training is as close to reality as possible and medics and servicemen learn to calm down the wounded person and help.

This video is brought to you by non-governmental organization #Babylon’13.

More videos are available at their official YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, they have ceased to provide subtitles to videos. We hope they will do it again soon so we’ll be able to deliver more interesting videos.

Source: #Babylon’13

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