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Kharkiv Activist Zurab Alazaniya: Kharkiv Authorities Do Nothing to Neutralize the Conflict

Kyiv, 15 March 2014  – “The situation in Kharkiv remains tense as the city is full of thugs”, said journalist, founder and director of MediaPort-19, Zurab Alazaniya, by phone.

According to him, the combat group of pro-Russians comprises approximately 1000 members. “They are armed and they are provoking the passive part of the population. This combat group is touring around different regions. There are also several thousands of sincerely pro-Russian citizens”, said Mr. Alazaniya.

According to him, no public gatherings are allowed tomorrow, 16 March, but a sports event is planned at the Svobody Square. “The square has been fenced off, but I don’t think this will help”, said the activist.


Mr. Alazaniya believes that the authorities are deliberately doing nothing to neutralize the conflict. “It seems like Kernes is trying to keep his finger on the pulse at both sides, as if he’s trying to guess which side will win. He officially declares that Kharkov is Ukraine. If he really wanted it, we wouldn’t put up with so many Russian citizens in town. He knows the names, the whereabouts and all other details”, said the journalist.

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