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KAZKA in the TOP-10 world charts of Shazam

The hit-song “Plakala” (“Cried”) from the Ukrainian band KAZKA has gone global getting into the TOP-10 world charts of the Shazam service

plakala kazka

The Ukrainian producer Yuri Nikitin noted that this is the first time in the history of Ukrainian music when a song in Ukrainian has become so popular. “KAZKA’s track “Plakala” has entered the TOP-10 of the world chart of Shazam, and as experts say, this is the first case in the history of the Ukrainian music (and not only Ukrainian), when a song in Ukrainian causes such a resonance in the world”, Nikitin wrote.

“Plakala” is a song about the tears as an eternal female recipe for living through the hard times and emerging out of them revived. Women from every generation find themselves crying bitterly in the kitchen, but they are strong enough to wipe away their tears and bloom again like tender and fragrant violets. These flowers have become the key symbol of the song and its mesmerizing video.

“This video is an ode to our women and a message of thanks for the inspiration, love, and strength,” – says Alexandra, the singer with the band.

The audio track of the song has collected more than 61 million views on YouTube.

People from all over the world have been leaving their comments praising the song’s melody and the beauty of the Ukrainian language.

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