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Journalist: Yanukovich is trying to find refuge in Belarus

According to Mustafa Naem ex-president Yanukovich doesn’t believe Putin anymore and is trying to find new refuge in Belarus

Journalist: Yanukovich is trying to find refuge in Belarus


June 16, 2014 – The news was reported by the journalist Mustafa Naem referring to his private sources

The journalist wrote: ‘It seems like Viktor Yanukovich doesn’t believe Vladimir Putin anymore. According to unconfirmed data the family of Yanukovich is trying to find refuge in Belarus’.

According to Naem, the last week ex-president’s son had consultation concerning this issue during his telephone conversation with President of Belarus Oleksand Lukashenko.


‘In particular Yanukovich the younger expressed fears that his father night become a bargaining chip in the political dialogue between Kiev and Moscow. Supposedly there’s a possibility that as the result of multilateral agreements ex-president will be given to official Ukrainian government. In response Oleksandr Lukashenko clearly expressed that Yanukovich should return to Ukraine, but in case he wants to move to Belarus it’s President is ready to provide refuge for him and his family.


What is interesting is that during the conversation the son of Yanukovich informed that in case of positive developments of events he would become the head new state formation ‘Novorosia’ that should include Lugansk and Donetsk regions’ – Naem says.


The journalist underlined that the given information has come from one source he trusts enough to publish the news.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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