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Journalist: the fighters are planning assault on November 16

November 13, 2014

Journalist informs about terrorist plans to start an assault on November 16

Journalist: the fighters are planning assault on November 16

Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko on his page in social networks informs about terrorist plans to start attack at forces of anti-terrorist operation on November 16. He reports that he has recently found out about plans of terrorists. 3 suspected have been detained at checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha. Telephone numbers of commander of terrorist group ‘Kalmius’ and one of leaders of ‘Oplot’ group were found in their phones.

According to journalist, Ukrainian militants called on these numbers and pretended to be separatists from one of terrorist checkpoints. They said that they had allegedly detained ‘saboteurs that resembled ukrops [mocking nickname that pro-Russian people give to Ukrainians]’. They asked to confirm reliability. Russian commanders happily confirmed the status of terrorists: ‘These are our people, let them pass!’

During the conversation both commanders asked about situation at checkpoint and both finished talking with the same phrase: ‘Guys, hold until Sunday. You know that we assault on Sunday’.


Andiry Tsaplienko underlines that he does not guarantee beginning of attack on Sunday. He only reports what he has seen and heard.


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