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Joseph Zisels: nation consolidation process is taking place in Ukraine now


No anti-Semitic or xenophobic propaganda was observed during these elections. Such information was given by the head of Association of Jewish organizations and communities of Ukraine Joseph Zisels during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Mr. Zisels stated that there were signs of anti-Semitism and xenophobia during previous years, which does not apply to the latest presidential elections: «During all these years we were observing processes initiated by pro-Russian forces and the former authorities claiming that fascist movements and nationalization are happening in Ukraine.  It is demagogy which is not supported with any facts. During these presidential elections that took place on May 25, we observed no signs of anti-Semitism or xenophobia. At present what is happening is the process of consolidation of Ukrainian nation which consists of versatile ethnical and religious components but with every year gets more and more united in one political nation». Head of the Association also noted that external factors are now influencing Ukrainian national unity, and now new terms are being used in research – state factor and separatists.

The presidential elections results can serve a good example of the absence of anti-Semitic sentiment. Jewish community representative, Vadym Rabinovych, outvoted Oleh Tyahnybok (head of all-Ukrainian union «Svoboda») and Dmytro Yarosh («Pravyi Sektor») put together. «Unexpectedly, Rabinovychdid hige favour and showed higher result than Tyahnybok and  Yarosh, positioned by Russian propaganda as radical, fascist and anti-Semitic forces, together. It is an extremely powerful informational message, telling the world that radical parties have no support in Ukraine, they are not something natural for Ukraine, they have been artificially created, among others, by pro-Russian forces»,  – mentioned Joseph Zisels.      


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