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Je suis Charlie and Je suis Volnovakha

January 14, 2015

The tragedy near Volnovakha – opinions

Je suis Charlie and Je suis Volnovakha

Yesterday, on January 13, 2015 terrorists of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic [DNR] shelled checkpoint of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Several shells hit the civilian bus killing 11 people (mostly victims are women).

10 civilians killed after terrorist shelling of checkpoint

There is an opinion that terrorists did not intend to hit the civilian bus. They were just firing at ‘ukrops’ [nickname for Ukrainians] and killed people whom they might consider citizens of DNR suffering from tyranny of Ukrainian ‘junta’.

The next morning group of Ukrainians organized flash mob in social networks tagged ‘Je suis Volnovaha’. People responded and started uploading photographs of themselves holding shit of paper which said ‘I am Volnovaha’ in Ukrainian and French.

Je suis Volnovaha flash mob Je suis Volnovaha flash mob Je suis Volnovaha flash mob Je suis Volnovaha flash mob Je suis Volnovaha flash mob

Hovewer, there is another point of view of this flash mob expressed by journalist Pavlo Zubiuk for Ukrainska Pravda newspaper.

The journalist compared tragedy at Volnovakha to tragedy of Charlie Hebdo.

In Paris Radical islamists broke into the redaction and killed 12 people. Charlie Hebdo was famous for drawing sarcastic caricatures at everyone around including Prophet Muhammad. The world responded to this terrorist act with marches to show that attack at someone because of their beliefs, even the ones expressed in somehow insulting form, is attack at everyone. The people were united by slogan ‘Je suis Charlie’ which mean ‘I stand against restrictions on freedom of belief’.

On the contrary, nobody knows political views of people killed near Volnovakha. According to the journalist, it is possible that the very relatives of the victims would blame Ukrainian government for the tragedy.

Mr.Zubiuk states that such flash mob ‘I am Volnovaha’ actually demonstrates neglect. People killed in Charlie Hebdo were known to public. Murderers even shouted in the streets ‘We’ve killed Charlie’. However, in Ukrane the town of Volnovakha has not been killed, it stands. And who can guarantee that the victims of shelling were actual residents of Volnovahka?

The tragic deaths of people who appeared in wrong place at wrong time are covered with brand and used for geopolitical manipulations.

According to the journalist, such reaction to the tragedy can also be called a cargo-cult and secondariness. This is intent to promote oneself on the creativity of someone else. This is unacceptable in such tragic situation.

According to Mr. Zubiuk, instead of copying someone’s ideas we have to bring our view of situation in Ukraine in effective and understandable way. Because not so many people are aware of existence of town of Volnovaha and its tragedy in particular.

Source:, Pavlo Zubiuk,

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