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Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations calls for a peaceful and inclusive approach to resolve the crisis in Crimea


Kyiv, March, 5th, 2014 – In a briefing at Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations said the UN is looking to support the de-escalation of the conflict in Crimea. “As a representative of the United Nations, I stand for a peaceful settlement of disputes. This is my main purpose here,” he said.

Mr. Eliasson said he already met with the interim President, the Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister of Ukraine’s interim government and is planning further meetings. He expressed his condolences to the many families of all the victims in this dramatic and traumatic time. “People have shown remarkable restraint, calm and dignity in this difficult situation, and I hope this spirit will prevail,” he said.

“Ivan Simonovic, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights and Robert Serry, Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General, are in Crimea with the mission to monitor on minorities and human rights”, Mr. Eliasson said. Any decision the UN Security Council will take regarding the Ukraine situation, will be based on this mission’s findings.

Citing the UN Chapter, Mr. Eliasson called on Ukraine and Russia to engage in a political process and dialogue. “There is a need for an inclusive approach, bringing in all the parts of Ukraine and all segments of population, and reach out to create a strong and united Ukraine,” Mr. Eliasson said.


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