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Issuing of Russian passports in DNR has activated dramatically

October 1, 2014

Russian officers participate in smuggling of stolen cars from Donbas to Russia

 Issuing of Russian passports in DNR has activated dramatically

Operative data from ‘Information resistance’ group for the morning of October 1, 2014.

The tensest situation remains in the areas of settlemetns of Donetsk, Debaltsevo, Redkodub, Nykyshyno, Krasnogorovka, Shchastya.

During the last day terrorists shelled positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces more than 30 times. They used rocket artillery, small arms, tanks and mortars.

The cases of disappearance of Russian servicemen are registered in the city of Donetsk. According to terrorists, this is the evidence of activity of pro-Ukrainian partisans.

There continue firefights between separate groups of fighters and cases of them shelling positions of Russian Armed Forces. They use heavy weapons during firefights.

In Donetsk in addition to Armed Forces of Russian Federation the activity of some other groups has been registered, they are ‘DNR’ [Donetsk People’s Republic], ‘Kalmius’ and ‘Donetsk Orthodox Army’. The interaction between them is extremely low. The conflicts between separate groups are registered.

The process of issuing of Russian passports has dramatically intensified in the ‘DNR’. First of all, pensioners are provided with passports.

The activity of Russian criminal groups has been registered at territories controlled by DNR and LNR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics]. The groups deal with stolen cars and smuggling. Officers of Armed Forces of Russian Federation actively participate in the process of transfer of stolen cars from Donbas to territory of RF.

There has been registered a delivery  of party of chevrons of ‘Kharkiv People’s Republic’ to the headquarters of ‘LNR’. Kharkiv oblast is situated north to Luhansk oblast. Previous attempts to cause pro-Russian uprising in that region failed. Recently monument to the founder of USSR Vladimir Lenin was destroyed in Kharkiv).

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group

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