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Interrogation of captive fighter from terrorist battalion

February 2, 2015

Captive fighter – Russian citizen in Donbas

Interrogation of captive fighter from terrorist battalion

Russian citizen Ivan Kopilov was captured in Donbas on January 26, 2015.

The captive man is a fighter from terrorist battalion ‘Vostok’. During his interrogation he told how terrorists are forced to fight and that the town of Mariupol was recently shelled by Russian battalions located in Novoazovsk.

Shelling of Mariupol – video made after the tragedy


The resident of city of Novosibirsk [Russia] was captured by Ukrainian servicemen of January 26, 2015.

According to captive Kopilov, he came to Donbas due to false reports of Russian mass media. He found out about training camp in Rostov-on-Don [Russia, administrative division Rostov oblast borders with Ukrainian East] on separatist websites.

‘I came to Rostov in October, was trained as gunner. There we were taught how to work with weapon, move correctly. Russian officers trained us’, – the captive said.

‘On October 2014 we were sent across the border of ‘Ural’ trucks. 20 people went with me’, – Kopilov said.

When asked whether there were convicted people among mercenaries he said: ‘Probably yes because there were enough convicted in ‘Vostok’ battalion. In my platoon there were two prisoners – one form Russia and one local’.

‘We got to 4th base in Donetsk. This is the base of ‘Vostok’. From there we were move to Yasynuvata, we controlled the road to [Donetsk] airport and the bridges’.

According to the captive fighters, the battalion ‘Vostok’ was armed with small arms, mortars, MRLS ‘Grad’, tanks, self-propelled howitzers.

‘As far as I understand this came from Russia. There are many corridors through which the equipment comes from Russia’, – Kopilov said.

He also said that commander of terrorist battalion ‘Vostok’ had served in Russian army previously.

Interrogation of captive fighter from terrorist battalion

When speaking about shelling of Mariupol held on January 24, 2015, the Russian mercenary said:

‘I only heard that Russian army shelled, Russian battalions located in Novoazovsk. Such rumors spread in the 4th base’.

 Shelling of Mariupol – infographics


The mercenary admitted that he received payments only once – he got $100 before the New Year.

Fighter Kopilov was caught by Ukrainian Armed Forces in the town of Avdiivka. Fighters from the battalion were sent to mines there to keep the positions for 2-3 days. On January 26 UA armed forces attacked the mine and caught mercenaries.

‘When we asked for help nobody came. They [commandment] left us’.

According to the fighters, he was caught with 8 other terrorists.

In addition, we present photos from fighter’s profile in social network.

Interrogation of captive fighter from terrorist battalion

Source:, security service of Ukraine

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