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International project Ukrainian Investment dialogue can help Ukraine to attract investment

November 26, 2014

Today Ukraine needs investment for better adaptation to EU requirements and further full implementation of Free Trade Area

 International project Ukrainian Investment dialogue can help Ukraine to attract investment

Ukrainian companies will be able to achieve desirable level of competitiveness in the market with the help of investment.

President of Association of Private Investors in Ukraine Sergey Desyak mentioned during press briefing at Ukraine Media Crisis Center Ukraine also needs investment for restoration of eastern and southern regions of the country.

‘I believe that for the development of economy the state should stimulate investors but not to impose additional taxes, for example military one’, – said Mr. Desyak.

According to the President of the association, Ukrainian investment dialogue, despite the crisis, can have relations with the government to create common projects.

According to Director of Kyiv Regional Center for Investment and Development Julia Rybak, Commercial and Industrial Chamber as well as Kyiv City and Regional Centers of Investment and Development are partners of the project. Among participants of investment dialogue there will be representatives of government agencies, business, international organizations and mass media. ‘We have already developed investment passport for each region of Ukraine. Currently we are working on electronic database of investment project and their passport’, – said Julia Rybak. The mentioned passport would contain information of the potential investment projects and, therefore, it should become an effective tool for potential Ukrainian and foreign investors.

Ukrainian Diaspora has also joined the project. According to PR director of Ukrainina Investment Dialogue Anna Krysiuk, Diaspora provides organizational support and helps toshape the image of Ukraine abroad. ‘Competent dialogue of government, community and business would give an impetus for development of small and medium-sized businesses, – Anna Krysiuk said.

Ukrainian Investment dialogue sets itself as a purpose to work out the strategy to facilitate on the legislative level procedures of internal and external investment in development of economy in 2015 on the basis of expert opinions. The organization committee of the project registers special interest of American and European investors towards spheres of agriculture, information technologies and energy efficiency. Now organizers of Ukrainian Investment Dialogue are selecting business-projects in different spheres of economy that in 2015 would be presented to representatives of international companies, financial organizations, Ukrainian and foreign investors at 12 international forums.


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