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International Support Committee to release Savchenko has been launched

International Support Committee to release Savchenko has been launched

Vira Savchenko, sister of Ukrainian prisoner in Russia Nadia Savchenko, announced launching of international support committee to release Nadia.

She spoke on this issue during press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

According to Vira, politicians in France have activated due to support of Cosmopolitan Project Foundation and Open Dialog Foundation. The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, a person close to the President of France Bernard-Henri Levi, members of European Parliament – they all support Nadia today.

Vira Savchenko expressed hope and all these people would soon be united by the committee to act on Savchenko case.

According to her, the aim of the international support committee is to conduct international pressure because this is the only thing that prevents Russian from acting at its own will.

The investigation of the case of Nadia Savchenko has finally terminated and trial is to come soon. Currently lawyers carefully examine 38 volumes of criminal case where there are so many lies.

According to Nadia’s sister Vira, currently Savchenko’s defense searches for false witnesses to determine if they are real people who say that they gave Nadia a lift from Luhansk oblast [Ukraine] to Rostov oblast [Russia].

[editor: in addition to involvement in murder Nadia Savchenko is accused of illegal border crossing].

Lawyers want to prepare for the court to be able to reject lies when prosecutor or investigator will tell it.

Mark Feigin believes that trial is to be held on late summer, while another lawyer Illya Novikov believes count will try Savchenko in mid-summer.

Nadia herself wants the trial to be held in mid-summer because Russian does not recognize its mistake and it will condemn Savchenko. Nadia has lost faith in Russian court system, but her lawyers want to leave no falsehood unanswered.

Currently Savchenko’s defense works on creating animated reconstruction of battle during which Nadia got captured.

This video is to focus on Russian consumer only and it will use phone billing to show by minutes where Savchenko was, whom she helped, where was the group of people, who was killed or wounded, and where the two journalists were at the moment when Savchenko had already been captured.

In the end of her speech Vira Savchenko thanked French Diaspora and indifferent students from Ukraine and France for possibility to have dialogue with the Western world.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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