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Inform agency ‘Russia Today’ led by odious Kiselev prepares to create internet-structure to work abroad

November 5, 2014

Russia activates propaganda in 45 languages of the world

Inform agency ‘Russia Today’ led by odious Kiselev prepares to create internet-structure to work abroad

Russian mass media report this. The presentation of new product named ‘Opening of the new era of international broadcasting’ for officials and heads of Russian and foreign companies is scheduled for November 10.

Kiselev himself and the editor of TV and agency ‘Russia Today’ Margarita Simonian will hold the presentation.

They say that there will be created ‘new information agency’ that will unite several dozens of foreign sites on different areas of the world.

According to some sources, the work name of the project is Sputnik [Satelite].

On May 29, 2014 ‘Russia Today’ registered 2 media called Sputnik – radio and inform agency.

These media deliver news in 45 languages spoken in Europe, Asia, CIS, North and South America.

According to the Russian newspaper, we deal with portals like ‘’ that would ‘get acquainted with the alternative point of view on the situation in Ukraine that is radically different from those that dominate in Ukrainian and western Mass Media’.

[Literally this means that under the guise of news agency, that should logically deliver news about Russia, they are going to spread filthy Kremlin propaganda across continents].

The budget of the project for 2015-2017 includes: 6.48 billion rubles for information agency ‘Ruyssia Today’ in 2015 [more than $ 150 million] and 15.38 billion rubles for TV channel ‘Russia Today’ [more than $ 360 million].

As it is known, information agency ‘Russia Today’ was created in December 2013 [During Maidan revolution] on the basis of Inform Agency ‘Novosti’. The structure is led by odious mouthpiece of the Kremlin propaganda Dmitriy Kiselev.


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