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In Russia there’s an ongoing preparation of public opinion for the possibility of direct military intervention into the events in the East of Ukraine

July 14, 2014

Russia can start ‘point fire strikes’ at Ukrainian territory

Moscow considers the possibility of 'point fire strikes' at Ukraine

Moscow considers a possibility of firing ‘point strikes’ at Ukrainian territory. This is informed by ‘Kommersant’ newspaper quoting a source close to Kremlin.

‘Our patience is not unlimited’ – the source declared having mentioned that it concerns not a large-scale operations but individual attacks at the positions ‘from where there’s firing at Russian territory’. Previously deputy speaker of Federation Council Yevhen Bushmyn spoke of the opportunity of attack at Ukrainian territory.

As UNIAN informed in Moscow it was declared about firing at Russian territory from Ukrainian side. According to unconfirmed statements of Russian mass-media a bomb allegedly released from Ukrainian territory hit at a dwelling house in Rostov region. As a result one man died and one woman was seriously wounded.

We underline that this information in unconfirmed and doesn’t correspond to reality.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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