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In Russia Nadia Savchenko accused of involvement in the death of journalists VGTRK

July 9, 2014

Captured by militants citizen of Ukraine Nadia Savchenko, who got in the Russian prison in an unknown way, is accused of involvement in the death of Russian journalists

In Russia Nadia Savchenko accused of involvement in the death of journalists VGTRK


As the website of the RF IC says ‘citizen of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko charged with committing an offense under Part 5 of Article 33, paragraphs” a, b​​, e, f, l “Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (aiding of murdering two or more persons in connection with official duties, generally means, for reasons of political hatred committed by a group of persons)’. The Court have chosen a detention as a preventive measure for Savchenko.


Russian investigators said that Savchenko as part of the battalion ‘Aydar’ ‘learned location coordinates of VGTRK group of Russian journalists and other civilians in Lugansk’ and gave them some “militants” (meaning fighters LNR or any other is unclear of the message – Ed. ). ‘After that mortar attack was carried out in this coordinates, which killed members of VGTRK Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin’, – the Russian ‘investigators’ said.


They also say in RF IC that captured by pro-Russian fighters Savchenko had crossed the state border without documents under the guise of refugee. During the checking of documents in one of settlements she was detained for identification. Whereupon it became clear that Savchenko is the suspect in a criminal case on the murder of Russian journalist. Moreover, the Russian investigators swear to have observed the formalities during the arrest of Savchenko, in particular, they say they have provided her an interpreter and a lawyer and have reported her detention to the Ukrainian embassy.


We remind that Russian journalists Anton Voloshin and Vladimir Klyan died in Lugansk in late June. It is noteworthy that terrorists accused their companions in the death of the journalists – in particular, on this accusation they had ‘arrested’ one of the leaders of the DNR gang Vladimir Makovych. The version that the terrorists themselves had put the journalists under fire was expressed by Russian Forbes correspondent Orhan Gemal, who was present at the scene. Both of the victims worked in Ukraine without accreditation.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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