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In Debaltseve campaign Ukraine deliberately misinformed the enemy. – Serviceman

In Debaltseve campaign Ukraine deliberately misinformed the enemy. - Serviceman

Such opinion about events in Debaltseve this winter was expressed by servicemen of 128th mountain infantry brigade Volodymyr Pogoriliy in his interview on Radio Svoboda [liberty].

According to him, Ukraine deliberately misinformed the enemy about number of its troops in Debaltsevo to make it draw its forces to the given town.

Serviceman Pogoriliy says that many people believe that Ukraine lost its positions in Debaltseve, this wasn’t withdrawal of troops but a mere escape. ‘One of my friends told me: ‘Why you brigate commander got Star of hero, what your guys should be awarded for?’.

However, Pogoriliy believes that Debaltsevo campaign was planned by Ukrainian side.

He says that so-called encirclement of Debaltseve was formed during 2 months and was accompanied by great misinformation from Ukrainian side about concentration of lots of military equipment and manpower there. Serviceman believes that it was done in order to draw enemy’s forces to Debaltseve. According to Pogoriliy, neither new military equipment nor fresh manpower came to Debaltseve, they had great shortage of water and fuel. And while Ukrainian servicemen kept Debaltseve Ukraine had possibility to strengthen its defense near Mariupol, Chernihiv, Sumy, Zaporizhzhya.

‘So it was necessary to hold for two months to strengthen defense on flanks’, – the servicemen believes.

Volodymyr Pogoriliy has call sign ‘Gorets’, he is serviceman of 128th mountain infantry brigade. He was in Debaltseve from December 26 to February 18. This volunteer from city of Cherkasy was part of fast response which ensured passing of National Guard units.


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